Coach Mohammed Hashmatulla khan

Service to Man is Service to God with this driving motto and his previous experience in psychology, Coach Mohammed Hashmatulla khan landed in the field of NLP (Nero linguistic programming), with the newly gain skills Mr. Khan has tackled various cases and helped people not only by  relieve them from depression, anger, anxiety, etc. but further supporting them total peace and happiness without any more problems. Mr. Khan gives direction and guides people to renovate their destiny & leave tension free life.

 Mr. Khan trained and Certified as RSCI Master Life coach, His area of training and Certification is as a Master Relationship Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Guided Imagery, and Master Time Paradigm Technique Practitioner etc., and has 10 years of research and his true self through a renovate mind. Apart from his Social and engineering by-ground he studied various related Subject such as psychology, relationship, inter religious study , quantum physics, Health and biology, He structured his years of research into the human psyche and happiness, and fortune from a very young age Khan was very creative and active in mentoring and coaching.

Life Coaching Skills

Coach Mohammed Hashmatulla khan is also has Master degree in Psychology from Madras University, Chennai. Hailing from beautiful educational city Called Gulbarga, which is located Northern part of Karnataka (INDIA). Coach Khan is an engineer by profession. His diligent journey for significance, beyond the routine world of Calibration and automation of equipment, led to Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), where his search finally came to a close.

A certified Neuro linguistic Programmer, Coach Mohammed Hashmatulla khan has a cumulative coaching experience of 150 hours so far, with a truly global clientele base, from India, Qatar and the KSA. Coach Khan is Internationally Certified by RSCI (Robert SIMIC Coaching Institute), accredited to COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa) and Federation of NLP Coaching Professionals.

He is professionally certified :

  • NLP Master Practitioner and Coach
  • Master Life Coach
  • Time Line therapy Master Practitioner
  • Master Relationship Coach
  • Master RSCI Coach
  • Master in Guided Imagery