I was suffering from multiple problems like high cholesterol, blood pressure and I also was gaining weight, due this problem I was under serious depression and fear of sound, Then I met with coach khan and after having a couple of session with him, my fear of sound and depression was completely gone now I never feel depressed or fear, After some couple of month when I checked cholesterol and BP the reports showed everything normal, I am extremely impressed by the treatment I received and would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart & wish you the best in your wonderful work.

Student-Karnataka [Multiple problems]

I being a professor was about to quit my job being sick of the uncontrolled neck movement. I was grief stricken & a sense of fear & powerlessness overtook me. One of my relative introduces me with coach Hashmat khan, we set for a couple of session and my neck movements started gaining control. Now I feel more confident than before. Thanks Hashmat khan for helping me re-discover myself & coming out of my situation.

Professor from India [uncontrolled Neck movement]

After a gap of many years, I played two football matches. Due to the exertion severe (body/leg) pain started & I was neither able to climb stairs nor walk properly. I contacted coach khan & explained my problem. Khan guided me to relaxation technique and within 20 to 30 minutes pain was gone and I was flushing with energy and ready to make a move thank you coach khan for your timely assistance which helped me not only to make it to Dammam but also to return with a new spirit of empowerment.

Technical Sales Engineer-Al Khobar, KSA [sudden body pain/muscle jam]

Without a doubt your therapy relived me both from headache & medicines. Every now & then I used to get headache during work and every time. I would take paracetamol tablet for relief. Mr. Khan, who was passing by happened to see me & casually requested to stop taking medicines; I replied that if I stop. I won’t be able to work. Mr. Khan offered to help me then this problem. Later on I met him, and what he told and did was amazing from that day onwards I did not touch my medicines! I am grateful to Mr. Khan for his support & would recommend to anyone.

Colleague in company [Headache]

A Positive Experience –“I have been suffering from thyroid for the past 5 years, sadness had engulfed & I would angry for no reason even at my innocent’s kids. After a few therapy sessions from Hashmatulla I feel very different, in fact I even stopped taking medicines. I no longer feel sad and alhamduillah able to deal with my children without anger or screams. Many thanks for your precious time to make my life better.

House Wife from Karnataka-INDIA [Thyroid]

I was suffering from bursting pain in vein just above the left ear for the last 2month, I met with coach Hashmat khan and he used the NLP technique to release the pain only within 20 to 25min, I couldn’t believe it myself but can say it’s a miracle indeed, alhamduillah from that day I never had headache/vein pain again, thanks to coach khan it was a worthwhile experience.

Muzammil- An Engineer In KSA [Bursting vein Pain]